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Redeveloping Our
Resilient City

Our Mission is to undertake urban renewal and the continued revitalization of the City of Johnstown, using unified public and private partnerships while engaging citizens in a community vision for growth.


Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

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Welcome to Johnstown
Redevelopment Authority

Established in 1949, the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority provides a variety of programs to administer and manage the elimination of blighted areas for residential, recreational, commercial and industrial opportunities. The Authority is experienced in permitting, real estate site assembly, financial package assistance, grant applications and local tax relief to help your business get started and grow.

With the decline of the steel industry, the efforts of JRA now concentrate on diversification of the Johnstown economy from a one-industry city. Clearing of urban and industrial land of both outdated structures and environmental liabilities, while encouraging small scale resources to businesses, makes this area a great place to both work and live.

We would like the chance to show your business why locating in Johnstown makes sense.


 Paying your bills through our safe online bill payment system will simplify your bill payment process. Your payments are processed faster by using our secure online payment system, and you can keep track of your up-to-date payment history. Get started today.

We have partnered with the Johnstown Water Authority. You can now pay your sewer bill balance on the Greater Johnstown Water Authority customer portal.

If you are a current water customer you can use your water account number and CID on your bill to sign up (or if you forgot/cant find your bill you could call GJWA (814) 533-4300 and they will provide you with your account number and CID)

If you are not a water customer you can call GJWA and they will provide you with an account number and CID

If you already have setup an account on the GJWA portal you can pay both balances online. You do not need to resign up.


The mission of the Redevelopment Authority is to eliminate blighting conditions that inhibit neighborhood reinvestment, to foster and promote business expansion and job creation, and to facilitate new business and housing development. Toward that end, the Redevelopment Authority prepares and implements comprehensive redevelopment plan and assembles real estate for redevelopment.


The Greater Johnstown Wastewater Treatment System consists of the wastewater treatment plant, interceptor sewer lines, and individual collection systems in each municipality. JRS is responsible for the treatment plant and the large interceptors within the City of Johnstown. The collection systems and smaller interceptors are the responsibility of the municipalities in which they are located


JRA  recognizes that land recycling and brownfield redevelopment are vital components for smart growth and economic recovery. The revitalization of our brownfield sites can attract new and diversified development that will complement our goals of recycling existing industrial sites and buildings, preserving greenspace and removing any potential health and environmental threats.