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The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority was incorporated by the City of Johnstown following World War II. Pennsylvania Cities prompted the State Legislature to create the Urban Redevelopment Authorities Act of 1945. The mission of an Urban Redevelopment Authority is to eliminate blight and dangerous conditions. The Authority is formed by the local governing body and operates independently thereafter both in its business dealings and with respect to debt which it may incur.

The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority exists and operates for two public purposes; the elimination of blighted areas for residential, recreational, commercial, or industrial reuse, and to provide a suitable living environment as well as adequate employment opportunities for the citizens of Johnstown. The mission of the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority is to undertake urban renewal and the continued revitalization of the City of Johnstown, using unified public and private partnerships while engaging citizens in a community vision for growth.

For over 50 years, the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority has played a pivotal role to make Johnstown a vital and thriving community from flood recovery efforts to oversight of the City Parking Authority in the 1990’s, to ownership of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Today the Authority takes great strides to renew and revitalize the City of Johnstown through the diversification of its economy and the reclamation of blighted and abandoned areas in order to restore the community’s economic and social fabric.

The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority works in coordination with the City of Johnstown, the Greater Johnstown Regional Johnstown Partnership, State and Federal Agencies, and non-profit organizations to help Johnstown renew and revitalize. As the economic and infrastructure needs of the City change and grow with time, the role of the Authority is still to prevent blight and unsafe conditions using the tools and programs available to meet the City’s goals and objectives.


Melissa Komar

Executive Director

Melissa Komar is a 1997 graduate of Johnstown High School and a 2001 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography.   After working in Pittsburgh as an environmental specialist for GAI Consultants she returned to Johnstown to raise her family.  Melissa worked through the ranks within municipal government starting as the GIS Specialist, Land Management Coordinator, Assistant City Manager and spent 2016 as the Interim City Manager.   Last year Melissa was honored by the Young Professionals of the Alleghenies with the award for community involvement, as well as one of PA Business Central’s Foremost Under 40

Cheryl Krestar

Sewage Operations Manager

Cheryl Krestar is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting.  Cheryl joined the Authority in June 2014.  She has worked as the Administrative Assistant, Billing Manager and is now the Sewage Operations Manager.  This position oversees the collections and day-to-day operations of the Johnstown Regional Sewage office as well as data entry, and the monitoring and analyzing the current system of sewage operation.  She manages and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of termination and the shut-off program.   Cheryl is also the pre-treatment coordinator with EPA and DEP.   She is also responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable and other various duties of the Authority.

Michelle Cheche

Secretary to the Board

The Executive Assistant shall aid in the collection efforts of the Sewage Operations Manager by answering customer questions, researching customer accounts and the day-to-day activities.  Contribute to the short and long-term organization planning and strategy as a member of the management team.  Reporting to the Executive Director and serving as a member of the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority team along with the Controller and Sewage Operations Manager.  Meet expectations and needs of our Johnstown Regional Sewer customers.


Our Board Officers are a group of dedicated volunteers in the Johnstown area that have a distinct drive and vision to redevelop the City of Johnstown. While the Authority works on specific projects and initiatives, they also work in cooperation with other organizations within the City for continued growth and progress in the Greater Johnstown area.


Monsignor Raymond Balta, Chairman

Mark Pasquerilla, Vice Chairman

Bruce Haselrig, Secretary

Jack Babich, Treasurer

Brian Vuletich

The Authority appoints Legal Counsel on an annual basis.  William Gleason Barbin has been Legal Counsel since 1982.  Engineers and other consultants are engaged on a per project basis pursuant to RFP’s.